Do you wait for things to happen, or do you make them happen by yourself?        


Languages &Tutoring Academy provides you with the skills and tools to believe in writing your own story.


Languages &Tutoring Academy provides high quality, affordable tutoring programs to kids of K-12 and college students.  We offer you programs in reading, writing, math and science that are specially designed for young learners or student in college level. Our programs have been built around successful strategies advocated by professionally trained educators of young children or students at college level.

We are a small academy but our dreams are  with the notable experience of all our educators. Every  Educator has his very own communicative and creative strategy that allows students to be at ease and comfortable during their tutoring sessions, and not be afraid to ask questions or seek help from our educators.

Lanuages &Tutoring Academy  will give you a free consultation with one of our professional educators to develop a personalized tutoring plan that allows you to learn at your own pace.

Science Tutoring Services


Earth Sciences
Organic Chemistry

English Tutoring

Geography & History

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