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Algebra 1 

              A Tutoring Curriculum That Meets all School District Standards


Languages & Tutoring Academy offers Algebra 1 tutors to help students become familiar with the language of Algebra.

Languages & Tutroing Academy offers Algebra 1 tutoring for high school students and students at any upper grade-level.  Since Algebra 1 concepts are used in  math courses  in college and university programs, we put an emphasis on mastery of the fundamentals so that students can use them in their higher-education studies. Our tutors will start by testing a student’s current level of understanding with Algebra 1 and general math principles. This allows our Algebra 1 tutors to customize our program to meet the student’s current abilities and learning pace.






Algebra 1 Tutoring

Math tutors assist students in becoming skilled practitioners of algebraic concepts that build on their Pre-Algebra foundation.


Our math educator will help students:

  • Understand the real number system and key properties

  • Become comfortable working with integers and rational numbers

  • Perform computations with irrational numbers

  • Introduce the concept of square roots and quadratic roots

  • Learn how to graph linear equations and inequalities in one variable

  • Solve algebraic system of linear equations

  • Apply rates, percentages and proportions to solve word problems

  • Introduce geometric concepts and how they relate to algebra

  • Use algebraic applications in geometry

  • Become familiar with formulas for measuring area and volume

  • Become familiar with polynomials

  • Introduce the foundations of logic and reasoning


Call Languages & Tutoring Academy at 419-575-7500 to discuss your child’s strengths and challenges and learn more about how a Pre-Algebra  educator can help them improve their skills and confidence.                       

                                                Call today and help your child succeed in Algebra I

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