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If you are looking for business, legal, medical, insurance or government interpretation, Languages & Tutroing Aacdemy can help you.
Our qualified and highly trained interpreters work under contract and ensure professional interpretation services during business meetings, negotiations, in conferences, courts, hospitals, doctor’s offices and government agencies

Interpretation In over 10 languages

Interpreters working for Languages & Tutoring Academy provide professional and reliable interpretation in over 10 languages such as Arabic, English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Portugese,Italian and Spanish. 

We Perform In and Around Lima

Our interpreters perform their interpretation services in and around Lima, Findlay, Toledo, Dayton, Bowling Green, Perrysburg, Sidney, Piqua, Troy...

Typical costs


  • In-person interpreters typically cost $99 per hour.

  • Phone interpreters typically cost $2.5 per minute.

  • Video interpreters typically range from $2.75 per minute.

Additional costs:

  • Travel time is typically billed extra, as an hourly rate or a set fee. For instance, interpreters working with Languages & Tutoring Academy  cost an additional 45 cents per mile or $40 per hour for travel outside of Allen County

  • A two-hour minimum is common for in-person interpreters, so clients must pay extra if less than two hours of services are required.

  •  Because of the mental stamina required to interpret for long periods. Therefore, if an event is scheduled for longer than two hours, a second interpreter may be required.

  • Unless otherwise stated, international phone calls may incur additional charges on top of the phone interpreter's fees.

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