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Learn Chinese

You will find just the right program for you at Languages & Tutoring Academy. We offer programs for all children, teens, students, adults and business executives. Classes are offered at our offices, as well as at your location. Whether you’re a visual or auditory learner, we can custom fit a program to your exact learning style. Below is a list of all of our adult group courses in Chinese. If you don't see the course you're looking for below, please contact us. We can always design a course around your own particular needs


 Conversational Mandarin I


Students in our introductory course learn basic Mandarin conversation, including greetings and everyday vocabulary while also familiarizing themselves with basic writing and Chinese culture.



Conversational Mandarin II


If you've already studied the basics of the language, our advanced beginning class is your starting point. Students learn vocabulary and structure while also discussing Chinese culture


Conversational Mandarin III


你讲中文吗? If you have a basic knowledge of Chinese grammar, but need to brush up on your skills and want to break out of basic Mandarin, then our intermediate level course is for you! This class builds on the basics of Chinese grammar, while introducing the student to more complex forms and working on proper tones. Students enrolled in this course also improve their conversational skills.



Early Start Mandarin ( family class)


Starting your children during early development has proven to be an important step in the acquisition of a second language and makes the prospect of being bi-lingual that much easier.  Mandarin Chinese is no exception!  We can help you and your children navigate this difficult and fascinating language in a way that will not only result in learning but be fun and encourage in their desire to continue.  We all know that kids can be tough to motivate at times!  Join this family oriented class where you will have the opportunity to share class time with your child.  We believe that this approach helps promote an environment at home that encourages practice and recall.  If you and your children want to learn Mandarin then this is the class for you!  For kids from 3-5.


If what you're looking for isn't listed above, please contact us! Languages & Tutoring Academy can design an industry-specific program for you or your business to give you the skills you need to get ahead.


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