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Spanish is spoken by nearly 400 million people as a first language and is the main language of 21 countries. It is also one of the official languages of the United Nations. Spanish is a Romance language, like French, Italian and Portuguese. The largest Spanish-speaking population in the world is in Mexico. Want to know more?

You will find just the right program at Languages & Tutoring Academy. We offer programs for all children, teens, students, adults and business executives. Classes are offered at our offices, as well as at your location. Below is a list of all of our adult group Spanish courses. If you don't see the course you're looking for below, please contact us.


Spanish for the Family

Children ages 3-5 and their families will enjoy this course. Parents, grandparents or guardians join their children in our colorful classroom to learn Spanish words and phrases that they can use at home, too! Conversation, games and hands-on activities makes this a fun and educational session for the whole family. Each session is three weeks long and meets twice per week.


Learn Spanish

 Conversational Spanish I

¿Habla español? Our beginning-level class introduces students to the basics of everyday conversational Spanish. You will learn common greetings, how to describe people, things and places, give and ask for basic information, the Spanish alphabet and the fundamentals of pronunciation. Latin American culture is also introduced throughout the course, making this a well-rounded introductory course for travelers and language students alike.


Conversational Spanish II

This course is a continuation of Conversational Spanish I or it can be an entry-level class for students who have previously studied Spanish. In this course the basics of Spanish grammar are introduced, with primary emphasis being placed on speaking, listening comprehension and vocabulary building. You will continue to gain greater confidence in using Spanish in everyday situations throughout real world dialogues and in-class role play.


Conversational Spanish III

If you have a basic knowledge of Spanish grammar, but need to brush up on your skills and want to break out of basic Spanish, then our intermediate level course is for you! This class builds on the basics of Spanish grammar, including all verb tenses, the basics of the Spanish subjunctive and object pronouns. Students enrolled in this course improve their conversational skills while learning proper Spanish grammar. There are more levels after this couse that are posted as students move from this level to level four.

Travel Essentials: Spanish

Make the most of your next trip! This fun and entertaining four-week course gives you basic Spanish phrases without having to learn any of the grammar. You’ll learn basic greetings, numbers, how to ask for directions, answer basic questions, and, of course, order your favorite meal in a restaurant or bar! This three-hour course will also give you some cultural and travel tips to be sure you don't commit any obvious cultural faux pas when you arrive. Don't leave without taking this course.


Medical Spanish

Our beginning-level Spanish Medical course introduces you to the basic concepts of Spanish with a heavy emphasis on essential medical terms and phrases. This introductory course is ideal for doctors, nurses, EMTs or anyone who needs a basic knowledge of medical Spanish. Topics include common greetings, asking for and giving personal medical information, common ailments and complaints, numbers, and the fundamentals of pronunciation.

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