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              A Tutoring Curriculum That Meets all School District Standards


Languages & Tutoring Academy offers  Pre-Calculas tutroing program to help students strengthen their foundation in mathematics and become skilled with Calculus.

Pre-Calculus tutoring programs prepare students for both branches of Calculus – differential and integral – by putting an emphasis on foundational math problem solving skills. Our tutors also offer a skills-building curriculum for students who need to develop a stronger foundation in their core algebraic skills. When your student works with a SchoolTutoring Academy Pre-Calculus tutor, we customize our program to meet your child’s current abilities and learning pace. We always begin by assessing your student’s current knowledge with mathematics in order to determine a tailored course of action that addresses the topics and areas that they need assistance in. This makes for a more meaningful tutoring experience.






Our program can help students with the following topics:

  • Review all major function groups including linear, quadratic and exponential functions

  • Introduce new function groups including logarithmic, radical, polynomial (second and third degree), and rational functions

  • Discuss solving systems of equations in two and three variables

  • Introduce Conic sections and be able to visualize them in 3 dimensions

  • Introduce Trigonometric ratios and functions (sine, cosine, and tan)

  • Introduce Inverse Trigonometric functions and how they relate to their “matching” function

  • Provide real-world application of Trigonometry through word problems

  • Introduce students to the Laws of cosine and sine

  • Show students how to use Polar notation and Polar functions

  • Enable students to perform arithmetic operations with complex numbers


Call Languages & Tutoring Academy at 419-575-7500 to discuss your child’s strengths and challenges and learn more about how a Pre-Algebra  educator can help them improve their skills and confidence.                       

                                                Call today and help your child succeed in Pre-Calculus !

10 Hours for one low price!
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