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Your kid is like the seed put in the soil, the more one sows, the greater the harvest.

Orison Swett Marden

We offer kids a special tutoring programs to cultivate a love of learning and reading using a personalized learning plans.

Personalized Elementary School Tutoring Programs


Languages & Tutoring Academy's Young Learner Program uses highly interactive lessons to keep younger students engaged and motivated. Our lessons incorporate fun educational activities such as math games, puzzles and creative activities that develop a student’s natural curiosities, hold their interest and help build core skills in math, science and English. Our tutoring programs include help with study skills so your student learns memorization skills, test taking strategies and organizational concepts.

Individualized tutoring programs for Pre-K and Kindergarten students

Languages & Tutoring Academy’s Pre-K and Kindergarten tutoring programs help to cultivate a love of learning and reading using a personalized learning plan, fun storybooks, certified Languages & Tutoring Academy tutors, and programs consistent with guidelines established by the National Institute for Literacy and International Reading Association

Customized ADD and ADHD Tutoring Programs for All Ages


Students with ADD or ADHD require tutoring that works to focus their attention so they can learn more effectively. Our approach to beginning a tutoring program starts by discussing your child’s current academic and learning situation to find out what challenges they face and what goals you have for them. From there, we schedule a free assessment so we can set up a personalized tutoring program that is based on their needs and abilities. Our ADD tutors work in a supportive learning environment designed to assist students with attention issues.



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