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              A Tutoring Curriculum That Meets all School District Standards


Languages & Tutoring Academy offers  Calculas tutroing program  to help students strengthen their foundation in mathematics and become skilled with Calculus.

Calculus tutors work with high school and college students to teach them the fascinating subject of Calculus at their individual learning pace. We start by assessing a student’s current Calculus abilities and measuring their level of understanding of Calculus and general math principles. From there we put together a plan to help them, whether with specific concepts they find challenging or basic Calculus fundamentals. Whatever their needs – assistance in understanding a topic, completing homework assignments, or studying for an exam – our Calculus tutors can help. Our goals are to offer personalized tutoring that is focused on the individual student and is available anytime, seven days a week.






Our program can help students with the following topics:

  • Be able to define Functions and how to identify the domain and range

  • Become familiar with limits and how they apply to various function type

  • Learn about the concept of Derivatives

  • Be able to perform the algebraic process of Differentiation

  • Understand various applications of Differentiation in word problems

  • Become familiar with Integrals and be able to perform basic integration operations

  • Understand various applications of Integration in word problems

  • Learn about Differential Equations including ordinary differential equation (ODE)

  • Understand Partial Derivatives

  • Become familiar with Infinite Sequences and Series

  • Learn about advanced topics in Multiple Integrals

  • Cover topics on Vectors and Vector Calculus in a three-dimensional Euclidean space

Call Languages & Tutoring Academy at 419-575-7500 to discuss your child’s strengths and challenges and learn more about how a Pre-Algebra  educator can help them improve their skills and confidence.       








                                                Contact us  today and help your child succeed in Calculus !

10 Hours for one low price!
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