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Learn Japenese

You will find just the right program for you at Languages & Tutoring  Academy. We offer programs for all children, teens, students, adults and business executives. Classes are offered at our office . Whether you’re a visual or auditory learner, we can custom fit a program to your exact learning style. Below is a list of all of our adult group classes in Japanese. If you don't see the course you're looking for below, please contact us. We can always design a course around your own particular needs.

Conversational Japanese I

Nihongo o hanashimasu ka? Our beginning level Japanese course introduces students to the basic concepts of the language while focusing on Japanese as a part of everyday life. Topics include common greetings, asking for and giving personal information, basic vocabulary for travelers, colors and numbers, and the fundamentals of pronunciation. A dozen basic characters will be taught during the course.

Conversational Japanese II

This course is a continuation of Conversational Japanese I or an entry level class for students who have previously studied Japanese. In this course the basics of Japanese grammar are introduced, but most emphasis is placed on listening comprehension and vocabulary building. Students gain greater confidence in using Japanese in everyday situations.



Conversational Japanese III

Students who have already mastered the basics of Japanese should enroll in this course designed for intermediate-level students. Expand your vocabulary and conversational abilities while fine-tuning your pronunciation and sentence structure. Continue to learn more about the rich history and culture of Japan. There are more levels after this course that are posted as students move from this level to level four.


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