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Contact us today, and we will tell you more about our private tutoring services and the various Math, Science,Biology, Chimsetry, and English  programs we have available and about our rates as well.


One-on-One Instruction with Highly Qualified  teachers

Language and Tutoring Academy offers private tutoring with highly-qualified educators across all subjects. 90% of our tutors are teachers who hold masters's degree AND  or have been selected from elite university and graduate programs. Many of our educators have also taught overseas . Our tutoring staff includes teachers with experience in educating children with learning disabilities such as ADD and ADHD.

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 Tutors with Outstanding Credentials

Our educators have graduated from top academic institutions with large overseas  experience. Equally importantly, they enjoy coaching students across a variety of subject areas and standardized tests.






Educators Beyond What You Find Down the Block

Students will work collaboratively with their private tutor who is a top-notch college graduate well beyond the academic caliber that you’ll typically find in your neighborhood

Tutoring Programs Aligned to Your Local School Curriculum


Our  tutoring programs are aligned with all the schools curriculum located in Lima city and around Lima city.  Languages & Tutoring Acdemy tutors will also create individualized lesson plans based on the local curriculum or use the syllabus covered in the student’s classroom. We will also prepare your child for state standardized testing. To help reinforce concepts in the mind of your kids, our tutors can provide additional educational material and homework for students.

Regular Progress Updates and Student Reports

Each tutor will provide regular progress reports to allow both parents and student to track the student’s progress and trajectory towards achieving the desired academic goals. We believe it is important to keep parents involved and aware of the progress that their child is making on the learning objectives that have been set.


Call us at 419-575-7500
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